New Cover Oregon Commercials Released


Recently Cover Oregon, Oregon’s health insurance exchange created to offer more Oregonians affordable health insurance (Obamacare), launched their media blitz to educate Oregonians on Cover Oregon in July.

It started with two catchy and very “Oregon” videos featuring local musicians singing original songs just for Cover Oregon.

You can check out both of those new Cover Oregon commercials below… let us know in the comments section below what you think about Cover Oregon’s new commercials.

“Live Long in Oregon”

“Long Live Oregonians”


What Are Your Thoughts?

There’s been a really mixed reaction to the commercials online… all the way from people saying it makes them proud to be an Oregonian… to people bashing Oregon’s Obamacare and the effects they believe it will have on our country. Whatever your thoughts… Obamacare is here and we’ve all got to understand how it’ll effect us and our families. Browse this website to get answers to your questions… from will costs rise… to where you apply for this new health insurance… to will your current health insurance even be around come 2014… are all here on this site.

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