How Will Obamacare Affect Me If I Already Have Health Insurance?


*NOTE-  A new update has developed in the rollout of this law that may allow you to keep your old “noncompliant” plans.  Click here for more information.


Since you already have insurance, you’re probably a bit confused on whether your current insurance will be affected by these new health care changes.

Here are the ways your current health insurance *may* be affected.

Your current health insurance plan may be discontinued-  After April 1, 2014, some plans will by discontinued by health insurance companies.  Some plans may be “grandfathered” in.  Everyone’s situation is different.  Your current plan may not meet the requirements of Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act).  If that is the case, your health insurance provider will be forced to drop that plan and point you towards plans that do meet the requirements of the new law.  This is the same whether you purchase health insurance on your own or get it from your employer.

Whether or not your current plan is discontinued, you should know that there may be some unique advantages for you to drop your existing plan and shop for a new one in the Oregon exchange, “Cover Oregon” (which opened for business October 1, 2013).  For one, you may be eligible for federal subsidies (financial assistance) to help you pay the cost of your premiums. To see an estimate of the federal subsidies you may be eligible for, be sure to check out our calculator.

Your current health insurance premiums may increase –  The overall impact of the new changes on insurance rates, or premiums, is difficult to determine. The primary purpose of Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) is to make health insurance more accessible and affordable for all.  The Oregon exchange, “Cover Oregon”, was created with the intention that health insurance companies would compete and be forced to lower their premiums.  However, it depends on the specifics of your situation.  You can now visit Cover Oregon’s site and browse what plans are available, how much they cost and determine the amount of financial assistance that you may be eligible for.  Click here to check out our video walkthrough to see how to find out all of that info on Cover Oregon’s site. 

6 Responses to “Already Have Health Insurance”

  1. Richard Woods

    There is no way in hell I will subscribe to that socialist’s plan. You can take your government insurance and stick it where the sun don’t. NO ONE TELLS WHAT KIND OF HEALTH INSURANCE TO HAVE. NO ONE. Are we clear on this?

    • atrio

      Hey Richard, thanks for the comment! We hear tons of comments on these new health care laws on both sides of it. Tons of people frustrate as heck… and lots who are hoping these changes will make things better for you. For sure there are things many of us don’t like about the changes… but the thing is, no matter what side of the fence you’re on… they’re going to happen (at least as of now) and we all need to prepare for them.

      We’re not a government agency, not funded by a government agency… we’re a private group of community leaders based in rural Oregon just helping to clear up the confusion around these changes so people like you and me aren’t going into Obamacare blind.

  2. lin scarrow

    I have a pretty good plan through my work that costs me around $320 a month including dental and vision.for me and my family. How can a job offered health plan NOT qualify under the ACA?

    • Atrio Health Care

      Hey Lin, great question.

      We’re not here to support or bash the Affordable Care Act or those who created it… but there are many things that have happened that don’t make sense to a lot of people.

      So all we can all do is pass along what we know and help people wade through the sea of mis-information and confusion (that’s still going on today in 2014).

      So the short answer to your question is… there are certain “required minimum benefits” that ACA has put in place that all plans must have… or they’ll be out of compliance w/ the ACA.

      Your plan sounds like it’s a solid plan for what you need… but it may not include all of the required minimum benefits… so the health insurance companies have to create plans that now fit the new ACA requirements… which often means adding in new required elements to the coverage and taking some out. Also, now that pre-existing conditions is no longer a factor for a health insurance company to turn down an applicant… and other cost increasing factors of ACA, many have said that that has led to the increase in premiums in the past year.

      So, yes… frustrating… but a few things have changed in the past year… so keep checking back to our website here as we get some updates out on what has changed this year.

  3. Clare

    I’m currently paying $206/mo for a high deductible ($10,000) insurance for my husband and son. They don’t have medical problems so we just have it in case of serious emergencies. But now my insurance co. says the best match is $500/mo and Cover Oregon says the same thing. That’s way too much!! Especially since we don’t use it!

    • Atrio Health Care

      Hey Clare, thanks for reaching out to us!

      Yes, we’ve talked with lots of people like yourself who have seen cost increases like this for your health insurance under the new Affordable Health Care law. Because under the new law Oregonians with pre-existing conditions are able to get health insurance to help them through their situation (unlike before) and the plans have minimum required benefits according to the Obamacare laws… it costs more to provide those insurance plans for insurance companies… and many people have seen their health insurance costs go up.

      We have worked with Oregonians who have seen their health insurance get better for a lower (or the same) price… but it really depends on the type of coverage you need and what you’re looking for.

      But yes, there have been some great things that have come out of this law for many people who weren’t able to get the coverage they needed before the law… but those people who were able to get by with basic low cost coverage because you’re very healthy… those premium costs have risen for many people.

      Either way, reach out to us anytime and we can walk you through the process. There are many other health insurance company’s in Oregon and they all have different rates… so if your health insurance company isn’t meeting your needs… reach out to us and we can give you a quote that may fit you better.

      You can head over to and give us a ring to see if we may have a plan for your family that fits your needs a bit better.


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